Mindful Sitting Exercise

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Mindful sitting is a simple and effective exercise to help you reconnect with your present moment experience, practice paying attention, and develop keen awareness.

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Written instructions

I invite you to find yourself a comfortable place to sit.

Whether on a chair or on a cushion with your legs crossed.

Ease into an upright posture without becoming rigid.

Take a moment to centre yourself.

Now empty your lungs fully and allow them to fill themselves again.

Empty your lungs, and let them fill naturally.

Continue breathing naturally, emptying your lungs and allowing them to fill naturally as they do.

This exercise is nothing more than sitting and bringing your awareness to the present moment with an attitude of openness and curiosity and without judgement.

Do not concern yourself with right and wrong. Just sit, here, now.

Allow your awareness to take in the many sensations in your body, your points of contact with the floor or the chair, any aches or pains, itches or other sensations.

Be aware of the space around you, the sounds, the smells, the vibrations, and whatever may be present here with you here in this moment.

Become aware of your entire body within this space. Sitting. Aware.

And continue breathing naturally.

As you sit here thoughts may arise. This is completely natural. As thoughts arise, allow them to gently pass without any need to judge them, or to act upon them. Just let them pass by.

Should you recognise that you have become absorbed by your thoughts, gently bring your awareness back to observing the thoughts, and watch them as they pass by.

As you continue to sit you might feel challenging sensations in your body, perhaps in your back or knees, allow yourself to be aware of these sensations without judgement, instead be curious, and sit with the sensations that arise. Your mind may ask you to attend to these sensations, gently observe these thoughts as well, and continue to sit.

Should your mind again distract you with thoughts and feelings, accept that this is what the mind does, do not try to quiet your mind. Knowing that your mind is always active, return your awareness to the act of sitting.

As this meditation comes to an end, take a moment to thank yourself for being open, curious, and non-judgemental, and for intentionally allowing yourself to be who you are here in this moment.

Gently open your eyes, and as you move back into the activities of your day let the benefits of this short practice go with you.


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