Mindful Body Scan

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Acommon mindfulness exercise is the body scan, and it is nothing more or less than bringing your attention to your body with openness and curiosity.

Audio instructions

Written instructions

I invite you to find a comfortable seat or a comfortable place to lie down on your back. Close your eyes. And gently bring your attention to your breathing. Exhale the air from your lungs fully, and allow your lungs to draw air in all by themselves. There is no need to force your breath or try to control it. Simply focus on exhaling completely and let the remaining activity occur as it does naturally.

As you take your next breath, notice your feet, how they make contact with the floor or the ground. Notice any sensations of heat or cold, wind or vibration. Feel whether the contact with the floor is solid or fleeting.

Notice your legs against the chair or the floor, maybe the material of your clothing, any sensations that are present.

Notice your pelvic area, how it contacts with the chair or the floor and any other sensations that arise.

Notice your back, how it is touching the chair or the floor, notice any aches or itches or other sensations.

Notice your stomach and your chest, feel the weight and texture of your clothing, perhaps the air in the room as it moves around you.

Notice your shoulders and your neck, how you are holding them, whether they are tight or soft.

If you feel any tension, simply let it go, and relax into your comfortable yet stable posture

Notice your head, your face, your nose, your eyes, your mouth, and your ears. If you feel tension in your face, let it go.

Take a couple of natural breaths. And notice your body as a whole. Continue to breath naturally and then bring your awareness back into the room. And when you are ready open your eyes.


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