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How you can help your fellow men

Start a conversation

Men need to talk more. There’s a stigma attached to discussing our feelings and struggles. You can change this by starting a conversation. Go deeper. Ask questions. Investigate new areas, challenge each other, grow together. It’s a great place to start.

Download the book

To further your own journey download this free guidebook. It includes 10 simple and effective exercises to deepen your practice of living wholeheartedly.

Take the survey

Wholehearted Man is ever evolving and adapting. It grew from thousands of conversations, coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops. You can have an impact by completing

Start a social men’s group

We men need to find ways to connect with other men again. Wholehearted Man is championing the monthly men’s meet-up, a place where local men can get together in a safe, yet casual environment and talk. To start a meet-up in your area, and learn what’s involved.

Spread the word

Movements need momentum. Wholehearted Man needs wholehearted men if it is to grow and make a profound difference in the world. If you were to tell just 3 men about Wholehearted Man and in turn, they told 3 more men, and so on, we can create a critical mass in short time. We can make a difference.

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