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Build a business with heart

Your business is an extension of you. It can only grow when it is in alignment with your personal vision and values. Most businesses fail because the owner and the business are disconnected.

Business development and coaching

Our approach to small business coaching is a little different to what you might expect. Our focus is on the people in the business, not the business itself. You see, many business owners already know that their business needs a boost but they can’t get out of their own way to make the changes that are needed.

We help you take a step back to get some perspective. Then we help you make the right moves to not only boost your business but to make your life better. In the end, the business is only a vehicle you use to build the life that you want, so we help you focus on the bigger picture – your life.

What to expect from business coaching…

A better understanding of how to run your business in a way that fits with what you want from life.

A simple, personal strategy to grow your business and stop feeling overwhelmed.

A clearer path forward in life and in business.

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Change the dynamic of your organisation

Organisations take work. They are complex beasts. Yet at their centre are people, and that’s where we focus. We help people work better in their roles, feel better about what they do, find their calling, communicate clearly, and make an impact.

Corporate services

We help your organisation by helping your people. We offer workshops, group coaching, and executive coaching tailored to your specific needs. Everything is about your people. Once you take care of your people, your organisation takes care of itself.

Here are some ideas:

Mindfulness sessions for your people where we show how each person in your organisation can find peace at work, contribute fully, and enjoy their role.

Team building workshops based on practicing awareness, authenticity, and gratitude.

Executive coaching focused on the person not his performance – developing skills around understanding, focus, creativity, and compassion.

Conflict resolution coaching that teaches awareness, curiosity, vulnerability, compassion, and gratitude.

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